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Offer Surf related services wherever you are:

in Mancora in March

in Uluwatu in June

in Biarritz in September

in Taghazout in December

We give you exposure to surfers who need you.
Anytime you need.
Wherever you are.


What is the Simply Surfers Marketplace?

The Simply Surfers marketplace is an online platform that connects surfers with one another for offering and booking surf related services such as: lessons, guided tours, board rentals, accommodation rentals and more to come. On the marketplace, any surfers can offer board and accommodation rentals; certified and qualified surfers can offer in addition lessons and guided tours.

Where do I offer my services?

You can offer your services anywhere you are. You can always edit and update the location of your listing. You can also create a listing per location. We give you a tool that allows you to give surf lessons in Europe during the summer and be a Surf Guide in Central America during winter. The Simply Surfers marketplace is a powerful and flexible tool that will fit your travelling needs.


How do I apply to sell services on Simply Surfers?

Create an account on the marketplace (here) and submit the Seller Application to be verified.

Do I need to be verified to offer services?

Yes. Listings published by non vetted sellers are systematically removed from the platform.

Why do I need to be verified to offer services?

The verification process ensures three main objectives:

  1. Trust: it helps members trust each others;
  2. Quality of services: it allow us to maintain high standards of quality regarding the services that are offered on the platform;
  3. Security of our members and security of surfers: it allows us to create a safe environment for all and compliance with regulation. We prioritize safety on the our platform and in the water, for all;
Our mission is to help surfers at getting better at surfing, so that over time they reach a level where they can be autonomous in the water and share their passion of surfing with other surfers in a safe environment for all.

I have just submitted the Seller application. When will I hear back from you?

We make our best efforts so that you will hear back from us within two business days after submission.

Do I need experience?

A. Surf lessons, coaching and guiding You need to be a certified and qualified Surf Instructor, which means that you need to have an accredited surf certification. The criteria to be vetted is your level of qualification; experience is always a good plus to have. B. Rental of equipment and accommodations No experience required. A good quality board/accommodation and a good mindset will do.

Do I need a certification to give surf lessons or surf guiding tours?

Yes: any sorts of formal surfing qualification: diploma, professional title, accredited certification. This is to ensure safety, high quality of services for everyone and compliance with regulations. Our mission is to help anyone surf safely.

Can I give surf lessons and be a surf guide as well?

Yes. You have total flexibility on how to organise your listings based on your schedule. For example, you can dedicate Monday through Wednesday for surfing lessons and the rest of the week to be a surf guide. It is all up to you.

Can I apply to list services that are not currently listed on Simply Surfers?​

At the moment, SimplySurfers allows you to offer surf lessons, coaching, guiding, packages (surf & accommodation), board and accommodation rentals. We will introduce new services on a regular basis. Contact us and let us know if you wish to offer other categories of services.


How do I receive payments?

You can cash out your earnings using PayPal and/or Stripe.

How often can I cash out my earnings?

Earnings can be cashed out anytime. New earnings are unlocked and available for cashout on PayPal and/or Stripe.

Offering services

Who sets my rates?

Anyone offering services on the marketplace set their own rates individually. Rates can be indicated on a hourly/ daily/ weekly/ monthly basis at your choice.

How do I get clients?

Simply Surfers aims at becoming the largest online authentic surfers community on the Internet. We’ve built our platform to give you exposure to this community and immediately match you up with new clients.

How-much can I expect to earn from surf lessons and surf guiding?

Earnings are a function of your rates, availability, and the quality of your listings pages. Successful surf instructors/guides may be able to provide their services full-time through the Simply Surfers marketplace.

How-much does it cost me to sell services on the Simply Surfers marketplace?

Simply Surfers is free to use. An admin fee is paid by the clients at the moment they make a reservation. Sellers must take into account this fee amount (15.25%) when setting their listings rates. Take note that the prices that you will indicate in your listings will correspond to the prices that the buyers will pay. Thus, these will include the Simply Surfers admin fee.

How-many services can I list?

You can list as many offers as you want, based on your availability.

Do clients write reviews and give ratings?

Yes, reviews and ratings help create a sense of community for all and build a marketplace based on safety and trust.


What do I need to use the Simply Surfers marketplace?

A computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection will do.

How do I communicate with my clients?

All communication with clients is done through Simply Surfers’s secured in-built chat messaging system. You will be notified by email every time a client contacts you. Tips: think of checking your junk/spam inbox as sometimes email servers send automated emails into the spam/junk inbox.

Is there a Simply Surfers mobile app that I can download on my phone?

Not yet. But we are working on it. However, we've built the Simply Surfers platform so that it is totally mobile devices friendly. You can already use all important functionalities on your smartphone.

Will the website evolve?

Yes. SimplySurfers is currently opened on a second beta version. We are constently working hard on developing new functionalities to make your experience even better.

More questions

I have more questions, where can I find answers?

Please check the marketplace FAQ page ( here), or simply contact us ( here).


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